"Given the huge amount of evidence that breathing dirty air contributes heavily to premature mortality, a natural - if admittedly strange - question is whether the lives saved from this reduction in pollution caused by economic disruption from COVID-19 exceeds the death toll from the virus itself…Even under very conservative assumptions, I think the answer is a clear 'yes'."

- Marshall Burke, Stanford University environmental resource economist

In 2018, a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that 93% of all children under the age of 15 are breathing toxic, polluted air.

Will we see a sustainable reduction after COVID-19?

Whether you’re working in film or visual arts, written word or performance, sound or sculpture – we want to include your artistic and creative response to COVID-19. The intent is for this to be an online-only project to help with artist's exposure at a time when the world's galleries are closed. This is a free community-based project without submission or inclusion fees, and we will cover any hosting costs. Depending on interest, entries, and responses, there could be future opportunities for publication and presentation.


We want to show work that shines a light on a 'better future' - can this adversity somehow unite a divided world? Are there benefits from a worldwide social and industrial shut down? Will funding for hospitals, museums, or research be easier? Will working practices change, will crime hit new lows, will there be a population increase in early 2021? Will we all become cooking experts and avoid bars? Will we socialise differently? Will the case for global warming be globally accepted? What can we learn from this? Creating an exhibition around these and similar themes feels like a positive step to take right now.