11.25 x 15cm


Quaranta giorni (forty days) is an Italian medical term derived from the plague epidemic in the 14th century, when all ships had to remain in port for 40 days and the crew was not allowed to leave the ship to reduce the spread of an infection.


Sun-Penetrations are photographs of beams of the sun; to me there is an emotion of loneliness by experiencing them and show me that I am not truly living. In the responsiveness to this there lies a contrasting beauty. The sun finds its way to penetrate our inner space from the sun to the earth at a mesmerising speed of fewer than ten minutes.


When we see it with our eyes and feel the warmth of the sun on our bodies it is between ten thousand and fifty million years. Whatever situation we are in or being faced with, this powerful source will always be there to shine a light on us—to let us know there is life.