For the first time in history, the whole world is talking about the same thing. COVID-19 has isolated us, robbed us of our social lives, our jobs, our days. But it has also united us - in our search to understand it.


We asked artists to respond to a series of questions about the COVID-19; questions that sought to provoke a positive response, and look to uncover a possible positive future when we have recovered from its effects.


The response from painters, sculptors, photographers, writers, dancers, performers, actors and film-makers via 25 countries and four continents. Their work is diverse and contradictory, their opinions often surprised but always engaged and enlightened. 


The result is a wide selection of art, entirely unconnected except through a desire to find a positive light. The work has been curated into galleries named for the four main elements of the air we breathe and echoes the commonalities in interpretation: Hope for change, Reflection on the self, Being in the moment, and a Search for unity.


As with any attempt to categorise art, the works could easily be in more than one gallery. But separation allows us to look at the work through a particular lens. Many of the works were created as a direct response to COVID-19, some existing works revised with the virus in mind, and others are older works reimagined. But all of them give us a new sense of how to understand this uncertain time.