34.5 x 27 cm (x3) 
20 March 2020 

With France declaring a nationwide quarantine, I am lucky to have my collection of found paper in my house and am rediscovering the pleasure of collaging. This piece is the first work produced as a reaction to the changes in my life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Each found piece used in the collage was selected because I viewed it differently in the context of the current health crisis. The most obvious is of course the ‘Shake Hands’ ad which suddenly screams danger! I found this ironic since it makes the ad doubly nonsensical and dangerous, first because since its 1966 publication the attitude towards cigarettes has changed so drastically, and now suddenly an innocent handshake is potentially deadlier than a cigarette! The rolls which were initially newspapers reminded me of toilet paper which has bizarrely now become a precious commodity.


My horror at people’s carelessness drew me to appropriate the 1966 phrase “Believe me, he can kill you” I found, originally connected to an article about the Vietnam war. And finally, the seagulls on the middle collage were an important inclusion since the quarantine began in Paris [symbolized by the cut-up maps], the birds can be heard very clearly throughout the city, including on some days, seagulls!