Oil on canvas

140 x 100 cm


This is the first work of a series that arises from the silence of the soul between past and present between sacred and profane. In it the spectator, in the absence of a memory erased by artificial advertising theorems, preys and finds himself. Where his unconscious deformed by a mirror image is no longer attributable to the arcane instinct; evocator of the female mystery. Here the violated mother earth reacts with her sense of divine justice against the abuse of the body and psyche.


We are the result of divine knowledge, incarnated by a magical child who embodies the wisdom of the game that is knowledge and freedom to suture the mystery being deleted. ‘Al Hakawati’ is a pictorial and cinematographic work that seeks to mend the mystery of life in this time of illness in which mother earth reacts to her evil which is man. That in order to continue to exist it must return to the mother's womb.