Linocut print with coloured pencils

30 x 45 cm

March 2020


My father always said, “In each person’s life, a little rain shall fall.” And as I sit here in self-isolation, those words run on a loop in my mind. I begin to think of how this pandemic has flooded into all our lives across the world. But I also think of how after the rain ends, the sun will shine and we will be able to step outside and start our lives anew, and the various ways we will be able to do so. For example, one of the things that I enjoyed was traveling. My piece ‘Canal Views, which was inspired by a Spring Break trip to Amsterdam, reminds me that one day soon, I will have the ability to travel to somewhere new. And I will be able have more exciting experiences and create more memories. And the idea of being able to leave the house and go somewhere other than the grocery store, it gives me something to focus on.


Something to look forward to.