Analog photograph as a laser print

42 x 59.4 cm

The tulip companies in the Netherlands are struggling and many people are close to ruin. The tulip is the most iconic representation of the Netherlands to me and at this time, as well a symbol for the suffering of a country. While being locked in quarantine I started taking self-portraits in my own living space, turning myself into a character of my work. I see the current situation as an opportunity to explore oneself and create a rich inner world. We get the time to reconnect with ourselves and inner wishes and desires a lot. It almost feels like turning back into a kid, where you make up a world in your own mind.


I think it is a time where our society will re-evaluate its ideals and morals. It’s not only a time of social-distancing, but also a time to get closer to one another because we depend on each other. Even though I am physically apart of my family and friends, I feel very close to them. After realising that all the flowers would go to the waste and masses are being thrown away, people started ordering so many flowers, that now the tulip companies can get back to a more normal financial situation and didn't went into ruin. I believe it is the time to become a stronger union.