Turntable, light, ceramic, hogweed, plywood

79 x 57 x 56 cm 

2017 - 2018

Music: Kraftwerk

Not being able to teach art anymore I started tidying things up. All private photos, letters and documentation of my artwork passed by. I felt thrown back at myself, back to who I really am. I was enjoying things as if it would be the last time. After that I started connecting with the artworld and making new art. Silence and respect for the gigantic mysterious virus is mirrored in the way we treat relatives and strangers. In the street, shops and digital media people are more patient and friendly with more respect for each other.


Transistor: two poles of energy generate life on Earth. Have trust the Earth will continue turning around the Sun. Have faith the sun will give energy by shining its light. Everything will get back to normal. Not so much will change. [Sorry!] But we now learned that we need each other and will show more respect for other people and the earth. We pass on life with the Sun in our minds.